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Аудирование для 7 класса (английский язык)

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Аудиозапись для проверки понимания английской речи на слух.

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«Аудирование для 7 класса (английский язык)»

LISTENING- 10 баллов

Task 1

Listen to the interview and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c.

1. George lives in

a Los Angeles.

b New York.

c Aspen.

2. George goes to the studios by

a bus.

b car.

c taxi.

3. In the Actors’ Club he

a plays computer games.

b plays basketball.

c goes swimming.

4. George usually goes on holiday

a in summer.

b in February.

c in winter.

5.George’s favourite sport is

a jogging.

b skiing.

c swimming.

Task 2

Listen to the interview again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1 _____ In New York George gets up at 8.15.

2 _____ He meets his friends in Central Park.

3 _____ George works in the evening.

4 _____ His friends call him lazy.

5 _____ He goes skiing in Aspen.

READING-10 баллов

A computer game: The Lost Statue

In this game you are in a small country called Neverland. It is a deserted place. The weather there is terrible. It rains a lot and there are strong winds. The only people there are two young brothers. They live alone in their small house on the beach. In the game, you are one of the boys – Josh or Frank. Josh loves the beach very much and he is good at windsurfing. Frank is interested in doing quizzes and playing guessing games.

One day, they meet a strange man. He collects old things. He needs to find a small statue from the Stone Age and he asks the boys for help.

You decide to help the man. First, you talk to the man and learn about the lost statue. Then, with your brother, organize a trip around Neverland to look for it. On the way you play games, answer questions, do quizzes, visit different places and talk to different people. Collect objects and souvenirs – they are very useful and help you find the lost statue and win the game.

The Lost Statue is a great game! Discover the secrets of Neverland and learn about the old times. Play it now and have fun!